“Liquid management is a beverage consulting agency dedicated to the business of hospitality. We offer a variety of services for establishments and companies looking to upgrade, design or redesign their beverage program or venue.

With an internationally successful track record, and a strong award winning team, we are expert in the fields of concept creation and bar design, applied mixology, purchase, revenue, management and audit. We are international, and work globally with premium brands and premium partners. We are in the business of creating quality, and inspiring the industry to only be satisfied when delivering the best.”



















Our Services

Bar Management

Core business of our agency, we offer the complete range of bar management services, ranging from day to day front-of-the-house management to back office, recruitment, purchase, stocks and revenue management.

After a preliminary audit and analysis, used to assess strength and weaknesses of the venue, revenue stream and operational challenges, we will set up and implement high quality systems and operating procedures to ensure the success of the operation in all aspects (cost and stock control, staff recruitment and cost, wastage management, organization and layout, beverage and purchase, etc.)

We will achieve the ambition set up for the venue, while developing your brand and securing a strong positive response from your target audience

Once the structure in place, we will create and monitor a mode of operation to secure efficiency, profitability, and stability of the operation with focus on quality and consistency of the product delivered.


With the professionalism and competence of an internationally awarded team we can assist your company in organizing, conceptualizing and performing your event.

From product-launch to high-end openings, we will provide you with an adapted cocktail program together with an overall concept that matches your demands.

Liquid Management disposes of several mobile cocktail bars, with possibility for branding and adaptation to your visual ideas and requirements. Our bars can be branded after your preferences and offer great possibilities for product display. We can assemble several bars for larger parties or just use a single bar for more intimate service.

We aim to offer the full spectrum of event service, including as well the culinary aspect through our extensive contact network and working relationship with the best restaurants and kitchens in the country.

“God is in the details” – Ludwig Mies van der Rohe

For private events, please proceed to our Liquid Events website to get in touch with us for a full one on one consultation on your event, its concept and requirements.

Beverage Management

Your products are an essential part of your business.

With renowned expertise and deep knowledge of the industry, at both national and international level, Liquid Management will help you define what are the best products for your concept, target audience, geographical location and cost structure.

With an unmatched beverage purchase management experience in Sweden, ranging from nationally spread market leading restaurant groups and hotel chains, to isolated venues, Liquid Management will set up and together wit you, negotiate contractual agreement in order to achieve pre-set targets of investment or profitability for the business.


The foundation of every successful endeavor is a knowledgeable and professional staff.

Liquid Management has the experience and qualification to train your staff in all areas of the trade. Whether you want to emphasize cocktails, bar techniques, staff management, customer service, wines and spirits standards or products knowledge, we will true our bespoke training program Barverket inspire your staff, and enable them to always deliver the best, in the best possible way.

A thorough training and education program will enable you to better meet your guest’s expectations, improve sales and secure consistency in the product delivered, as well as motivate and inspire your staff, and create an attractive work-place for any future recruitment. New staff will reach the standard level faster and improve their performance quicker.

Liquid Management provides as well presentations to wider audiences, ranging from beverage-industry sales-force wanting an insight of the world of cocktails and bar-tending, to events for less branch-oriented companies, such as a cocktail course or a wine degustation.

Concept Development

With focus on story telling and guest-experience, while never losing track of future operational systems and challenges of the venue, Liquid Management will create a winning bar concept and a strong beverage program to match the ambition of your venue, insure media coverage (through creating a strong media value, a USP, that will generate a strong consistently positive response amongst the target group’s usual PR sources) and secure a strong positive response from the target audiences, as well as profitability and stability of the business.

Bar design and production

Whether you are looking at opening a new venue or renovating an existing one, Liquid Management specializes in bar design.

Liquid Management will design ergonomic bars after your requests that matches both your venue´s ambition and sails volume. And together with the best manufacturers oversee the production from start to installation. With several national and international awards ranging from “Bartender of the year” to “Bar of the year”, we will aim at tailor-making a bar that your team will enjoy to work in day in and day out…


With deep knowledge of the industry, Liquid Management can help new brands develop penetration campaign in order to establish themselves in a very competitive market, as well as helping already existing players to solidify and refresh their present image. We work with premium brands on on-trade and retail strategy, concept development, event organization and mixology development, trade-show concept development and implementation, tailor-made presentations and marketing campaign.

We have over the years successfully launched several new brands onto the Scandinavian and European markets, as well as developed original and avant-garde campaign for classic and historical brand in search of a new competitive edge and refreshed identity.

We have coordinated and implemented campaign across the Nordics as well as the rest of Western Europe.

We are pioneers and innovators and always aim at taking a new angle and approach to too often visited marketing and on-trade campaigns.

We know the industry and aim at always being a step ahead of its development.


















The Network

The Stockhom Office

Liquid Management has over the past 6 years recruited a team of multidisciplinary professionals, with experience spreading over the whole world.

We employ today 8 full-time consultants with very diverse background and nationality, all linked through their common passion of the service industry. The Stockholm’s office is a tight unit, where work and private life often converge. Drop by our office for a coffee, a chat, or a bit of a laugh..

Nick Sitbon

Senior Consultant/Managing Partner
+46 737 04 08 80

So you are?
Humm.. dedicated, passionate, intransigent, creative.

Why the bar business?
After paying my business studies working in a bar, it felt like the natural thing to continue doing.

Business studies? Unusual for a bartender!
I am not the usual bartender cliché.

What turns you on?
Guessing you mean professionally, I would say providing the best possible product, in the best surroundings. I love being involved from the concept creation part, designing the bar and the drinking concept, all the way to setting the routines and procedures. I love structures and organization.

A few facts about you?
Well, several years in the London bar scene, Ibiza, and now Stockholm for the past 5 years. Loads of nightclubs and cocktail bars. Love spirits, wine and mixology.

Latest Project?
Launched a whole range of high end products onto the Swedish market. The whole Liquid Management took part. Real cool response. The photo shoot was a blast!

Nick is a diplomed sommelier and a highly awarded bar manager. He gives lectures and holds workshop all over the world and still “tends the bar.”

Robert Radovic

Senior Consultant/Partner
+46 739 60 31 96

So Robby, another “expat” in The Liquid Management bunch I see?
Yes, from New York City. I have been living and working in Stockholm for about 7 years now.

Living and working in…?
Tending bar. Along with some other inspired people we have been trying to “Raise the bar”, and take bartending in a new direction. Here in Stockholm good cocktail bars have only just come about in the past 7 or so years. I just felt that I could not pass on the chance to be a part of it!

Why bartending and restaurant business?
I liked meeting people, if I may be so direct. Showing my guests a great time and developing relationships with my regulars. It both inspires and challenges me to be creative, when I am putting together new cocktails and new concepts.

What can I drink in your bar?
First and foremost a well-balanced cocktail, never anything too complicated that my guests will not understand or enjoy. I like to keep flavours simple, building on a base spirit or idea. Throwing things together without thinking it through first is a mistake I see in bars all the time. I try to teach my staff that the right measures are just as important in mixology as it is in cooking, as well as the use of the best and freshest ingredients along with premium spirits.

Does that make for a good bartender?
Well, you got to have personality too! Your cocktails can be great, but if you are not a good host, happy and eager to meet people you will find yourself standing alone in your bar. Being fun and courteous to your guests does not go against professionalism.

If I could fly you to any bar…where would you go, and what would you drink?
As of today, I’d see myself at Death & Co. in NYC, drinking the “latest word” a variation on the “Last word” cocktail (American prohibition era cocktail, with equal parts of Gin, lime juice, Maraschino liqueur and green Chartreuse). They are one of the most complete bars I have been to in the past couple of years. If I could go back in time it would be “the Ritz bar” or in Cuba to see how those bartenders came up with the classics we know today.

Robert Radovic is a multi award winning Bar Manager and a well reknown lecturer.

Thobias Pettersson

Senior Consultant/Partner
+46 739 41 79 30

Hey, Thobias! Tell me a little bit about yourself!
I am a charming and humoristic young man with both my feet on the ground. I have a passion for perfection and style, I am very competitive always seeks the best in everything. Beverages, food and restaurant concepts is a huge interest of mine. Besides that, I am really in to music.

How did you end up in the bar business?
Ever since I was little, I have taken great interest in the bar and cocktails. First I wanted to be a Rock Star, I have banged the drums since I was born, but I chose the bar trade instead and now I have been in the business for about 12 years.

What is your role in Liquid Management and what can you supply your clients?
I work as Operation Manager, and my role is to help restaurants and bars with their operative business. I strive to secure a stable organization, service and quality. As Operation Manager I will supply our clients with security, quality and a functional set-up, I will provide a backbone that allows to develop the bar to become as good and profitable as possible.

What defines a good bar, according to you?
Many elements matters, of course, a nice and professional service, a suitable atmosphere in the right environment. Knowledgeable bartenders familiar with classic mixology as well as modern concoctions, and a inspiring beverage program. A good bar should be able to provide the same high quality service no matter who’s tending or serving. Then, obviously, not all bars are suitable all the time. Chose your niche and become best at it! The place that carries the most interesting micro-brews, seldom produces the most inspiring cocktails.

Thobias has opened and operated several of Stockholm’s quality cocktail bars and is experienced from both fine-dining and casual-fine-dining restaurants. As a renowned, experienced bartender, Thobias is a pillar in the Liquid Management-team.

Andreas Portnoff

Senior Project Manager/Partner
+46 733 65 66 65

So you are?
Andreas! Computer wizard, number lover and cocktail geek…

And how did you end up in the bar business?
I used to work this crappy hamburger place when I was still in school. Years after I realized that I missed the fast pace. Instead of going back to the crappy restaurant I started working at the original 5-star hotel in Stockholm, Grand Hotel. The rest is, how you say, history.

Well you’re here now! Latest project?
Establishing the now critically acclaimed “Gold Bar” at Nobis Hotel in central Stockholm. Bar of the year on our first year I might add!

What was your role there?
I quickly came in as the Assistant Bar Manager and developed into the purchasing Manager for the F&B side of the hotel.  A perfect position for me, where you constantly aim at blending quality, trend and finesse with facts, numbers and business models. The mix of office and bar was a perfect fit for me.

So what do you bring to the table at Liquid?
My role will be to stabilize the back office. Liquid has grown very fast the past few years, and we need to set up stronger structure to continue that growth. I will as well have my hand on some of the upcoming projects, more onto the business development side, together with Nick.

Favourite bar visit?
Details have always been important to me. I would say its 10% about the actual liquid and 90% of what surrounds it. Either Bugsy´s in Prague or Harrys in Paris. The minute you step in you know something magical is about to happened!

Aida Leone Åström

Project Manager/Administrative Assistant
+46 736 76 40 21

Hi Aida! Who are you?
I´m a creative, fun loving organising pro from Stockholm!

Give us a few facts about you?
I´m a dedicated women who loves making people come together. I always seek for perfection, that´s why I’ve made it my profession. My background in the service industry is not from behind the bar like the rest of the team, it´s from beside and all around it. While working at night clubs in central Stockholm my interest for Operation Management grow even more, so after a while I decided to study Operation Management and Project Management.

What´s your role?
I’m working with back office, making shore that everything runs smoothly. As a project manager with special projects and events and as a social media consultant. I do a lot of fun things!

Any favorite bars?
Hmm… I really enjoy a good bar, not only for the cocktails but for the atmosphere. It´s a place where I feel most creative, I´ve no problem to either work or read a book while sitting at a bar. I guess working in night clubs made me used to the noice in the background.. If I have to name one of my favourite bars I would say; Clandestino in Palma de Mallorca.


Joakim Palm

Project Manager
+46 739 08 67 83

Joakim! Who are you?
Hmmm, a fun loving, competitive and ambitious guy!

Something a bit more personal?
Well I’m the youngest of four brothers which probably has made me the hard worker I am, but mainly I’m a people person, I love interaction.

Why the service industry?
I discovered at a young age that I wasn’t going to be a professional football player, so I turned to my second love: food. It all started through the kitchen. But I realised quickly that something was missing: the people. I slowly made a transition to the bar where I got the chance to interact with guests, and I never looked back.

So what is your role at Liquid?
I’m a project manager. My role is to help bars and restaurants with their operative business. I strive to keep a high standard in all phases and a high level of service mindfulness. I also will be working with events within coordination and implementation.

So then, what makes a good bar in your eyes?
Personal service. A fancy place with good drinks is nothing compared with somewhere you can feel at home. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it’s important with a high standard on cocktails and a good backshelf but all that is worth nothing if you don’t feel welcome, wanted and seen.

Any favorite bars?
Hmmm, I’d have to say the Gold bar at Nobis Hotel, Stockholm, the Hemingway bar, Prague and Eau de vie, Sydney. The service level alone at these places are worth the travel!

Adam Näslund

+46 736 58 85 22

Hey Adam, tell us who you are!
An ambitious and thoughtful young gentleman always seeking for perfection in fashion, food and cocktails. I’ve been in the hospitality industry for the past 7 years!

You’re looking sharp as always, is that a cashmere tie?
Well thank you for noticing, you obviously have an eye for details. And yes, it is a cashmere tie!

You are Liquid Managements latest recruitment, what’s your background? 
I used to work as a salesman but quickly felt that something was missing so I decided to follow my passion for food and spirits. I started by studying International Bar Management and I have been working with everything from Bar Manager and Operations Manager at Nobis Hotel to Food & Beverage Manager at Hotel Miss Clara since then.

What´s your role at Liquid Management?
As a consultant for Liquid Management I help our clients with everything from leading the operative business to supplying a solid structure within the organisation. My goal is to create a profitable work environment where service, personality and creativity are allowed to blossom. Apart from that, I will also be assisting our senior partners with their daily operations.

Final question: If you were a cocktail, what would you be?
Definitely the Negroni, strong and intense yet sophisticated with a perfect balance of sweet and bitter.

Ray McIntosh

Senior Consultant
+46 709 84 55 45

So Ray, the second New Yorker in the crew, you guys have a recruitment office over there?
Yeah, I saw the billboard in Time Square… No, I’m originally from New York, but I’ve been working in Denmark for the last 13 years or so.

And you didn’t think it was cold or dark enough there, so you decided to head further north?
There just weren’t enough laws on drinking down there, I like a challenge. Actually, I met the guys a few times over the years and I was looking for the next step up in my career.

So I can see you’ve been in the business for a while now and seems like you plan on staying in it for a while… Why’s that?
Well when you’re lucky enough to get paid to do something that you love, why would you ever stop? It’s also a job where you’re constantly learning… There’s no one way or right way of doing something. Working with something that never gets boring, keeps you on your toes. I love it!

What’s the most important element of your job at Liquid?
Wow, what a question… Well, I’d have to say that it would be standards. Meaning high standards, our own standards. Performing to our level of expectations, not just what people expect. You have to push the envelope every time or it just stops being fun!

Looking through your CV, you’ve opened a lot of bars and trained a bunch of bartenders. What’s the most important thing you would like to instill in your bartenders?
Never forget the guest… They’re the reason we do all this and work so hard. A lot of bartenders now of days, do it for them selves or the art… You got to do it for the people!






































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