Bar Prinsen

Client: PDF Brasserie Group

Project type: Concept Development/Beverage Program/Cocktail Program/Training of staff

Project manager: Thobias Pettersson

Restaurant Prinsen is located in the heart of the city in Stockholm and has been on that spot since 1897. Prinsen is an antique and classic restaurant with a modern setting and focuses on classic Swedish and Scandinavian dishes.

Bar Prinsen is the interpretation of Ernest Hemingways living room and is a cocktail bar that reflects mr Hemingways travels from Havana to Paris. It´s focus are in rum cocktails and especially Daiquiris and other famous libations that Hemingway usually drank.

Liquid Management developed the whole idea and bar concept together with one of the owners and launched it in september 2014. Liquid Management created the beverage program including beers, non alcoholic beverages, the cocktail menu and the cocktail program, spirits portfolio and hired all the bar staff and trained/supported them, as well was involved with the bar design and refurnishment.