Buco Nero

Buco Nero

Client: Buco Nero

Project type: Concept Development/Beverage Program

Project manager: Thobias Pettersson

Buco Nero is located Roslagsgatan 4 in Vasastan, next door to its sister restaurant Café Nero, both of which are owned and operated by renowned chef Sacha Smederevac.

Liquid Management was contracted to design, develop and operate a bar concept to match the authenticity of the classic Italian cuisine.

L’Orto, the Market-Garden, is the new identity of Buco nero’s bar, and roots itself in the vegetable and fruit plants of the traditional Italian cooking. With an ever changing cocktail menu, varying according to the Italian vegetable seasons, and a “breathing “ bar set up where ingredients are planted and harvested on site, L’Orto aims at keeping with Buco Nero’s kitchen’s motto: Presence, Simplicity and Quality in all we do.