F12 Terrassen

F12 Terrassen

Client: F12 Gruppen

Project type: Operation Management

Project manager: Nick Sitbon/Andrés Basile Leon

Located on the terraces of The Royal Academy of Art in Stockholm, F12 Terrassen is a nightclub open seven days a week, between May and September.

Since 2005, Liquid Management is contracted to office as operation manager, with all innuendo responsibilities, ranging from recruitment and management of all bar- and floor staff, stock and purchase control, to beverage portfolio and the contractual agreements behind them.

With over 1000 guests every night, five bars, and a staff of forty people, Liquid Management have developed structure and procedures that are the backbone of the operation.

Part of the prestigious F12 Group, F12 Terrassen is one of the best examples in Scandinavia of what a nightclub can achieve in terms of quality, as you will find in the bars both premium spirits and high quality ingredients such as fresh fruits and freshly squeezed juices. Constantly expanding and renewing its concept, F12 Terrassen has been a story of success for many years, collecting multiple ”Nightclub of the Year”-awards, as well as being heavily featured in national as well as international press.