Hallwylska museet

Client: RSI Nattklubb

Project type: Concept Development/Beverage Program

Project manager: Nick Sitbon

In the early summer of 2015 Hallwylska museet opened its courtyard doors to welcome visitors to enjoy a venue with a wonderful atmosphere and beautiful surroundings in central Stockholm.

The historical building was finished in 1898 to act as a winter home of Mr and Mr von Hallwyl and has since 1938 been a museum where you can learn about their family´s fascinating history and their magnificent home.

Hallwylska museet provides a selection of tailored cocktails and beverages combined with smaller dishes with flavors from the traditional Southern European cuisine every day throughout the summer.

Liquid Management has conceptualized, designed, managed the build of the bar and is further contracted as the Operation Manager for the venue.

The bar concept and cocktail program was carefully created to offer the trendy Stockholm audience a selection of quality cocktails to be enjoyed in a truly unique environment.

A must visit when in Stockholm…