Metropol Palais

Client: Lyran Konferens

Project type: Concept Development/Operation Management

Project manager: Duane Shepherd/Thobias Pettersson

Nearly 90 years after it first opened, and after a refurbishment that took it to its former glory, Metropol Palais is now re-open, boasting a brand new Brasserie and cocktail bar, under the supervision of Swedish master chef Roland Persson, and the Liquid Management team.

Metropol Palais “balkongen”, the latest product of yours truly twisted and creative minds, is now ready to transport you to the mid 1920’s, in the most luscious boudoir environment à la francaise. Expect pre-bottled cocktails, signature serves and a grand selection of French aperitifs and micro-brasseries. A large selection of casse-croutes and collations awaits those out for a bite, and our house pianist and singer are certain to jazz-up your after-works…

Duane Shepard leads a team of well-established restaurant professionals, with Fredrik Wahlin and Jocke palm at the bar, and the delicious Madame Coco and Mia providing the classic cocktail table service

A place to relax and mingle, a place for everyday luxury…

See you at the bar