Client: Stortorgskällaren

Project type: Concept Development/Beverage Program/Bar Management

Project manager: Joel Constantino

World class drinks based on local Swedish ingredients emphasised by award winning cuisine and bonded together by peerless interior design. These 3 elements in combination is the recipe for an exciting new experience in the heart of Stockholm’s Gamla Stan.

Situated in the locale of Sweden’s first apothecary you will find a modern interpretation of the tonics, tincatures, potions and elixir’s thought to have been prepared and sold in the area many years ago.

Behind the counter preparing the wonderful remedies and delivering the best products available in Sweden will be Anders Sandberg formerly of Le Bar Rouge. Back in Sweden from his adventures in Argentina and also on the bar,Joel Constantino formerly of Milk & Honey London, Hawksmoor and Lonsdale now part of the Liquid Management team.

Placed together, this is a guarantee of the finesse and quality in Gamla Stan and a prescription to cure all.

All are welcome.