Texas Longhorn

Client: Texas Longhorn

Project type: Concept Development/Beverage Program/Operative Management

Project manager: Adam Näslund

In 2018 Liquid Management came to an agreement to lead the whole beverage department for the Texas Longhorn restaurant chain. Fast-growing over the past 25 years, this group now gathers 34 Texas Longhorn and 3 Austin Food Works restaurants in 15 citys in Sweden.

This restaurant company was originally founded on one man’s longing for home – for Texas. Where food takes time. Where people meet up – to cook, eat, talk, drink, and to laugh. To trust each other and share stories, and to enjoy the true southern flavours of food and hospitality.

Texas Longhorn´s new beverage concept focuses on a qualitative American wine and beer range along with a mix of classic and contemporary cocktails inspired by the Texan culture. Adam Näslund, consultant and one of our latest recruitments at Liquid Management, is currently working with the the daily operation of all bars and drinks, with an executive as a Beverage Manager.

We are thrilled to be part of such a qualitative group, and look forward seeing you there.

For matters concerning Texas Longhorn and Austin Food Works please contact Adam at adam.naslund@texaslonghorn.se